Greetings ~ Kia ora

The Republic of Canterbury Party coordinates a parliamentary political movement, for the restoration of Canterbury regional democracy, as defined in the

Republic of Canterbury Constitution
Republic of Canterbury

Republic of Canterbury Party mission statement:

Waitaha/Canterbury is governed by all her people, not the corporate farmer and iwi dictates of CERA*

* Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)

April 2011 participants in the unilateral CERA legislation:

NZ National Party ~ feudal loot-and-run practitioners
NZ Labour Party ~ neo-liberal negative reforms the workers can’t escape
ACT Party ~ hyper-liberal loot-and-burn practitioners tending collapse
Maaori Party ~ feudal-illogical pro-corporate anti-democrat dupes tending politically extinct
United Future Party ~ whichever way the wind blows for hi-salary power
Progressives ~ once New Labour minority wasted (Labour reversion 2011)

MANA Movement ~ Maoist/Stalinist Maaori-nationalist disablers of the left

and so we form in programmatic opposition

Republic of Canterbury Party warmly invites participation via contact page


Stand up People’s Republic of Christchurch
stuff.co.nz/the-press/opinion/blogs 30/01/2012

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