Inquiries from potential Republic of Canterbury Party electoral candidates are invited, via Republic of Canterbury Party contact page.

You may like to join the Republic of Canterbury facebook group

Please follow us at Twitter ROC_party and this page.

Background info

November 2011 general election Electorate Candidate and Party Votes Recorded at Each Polling Place

October 2010 local elections platform – Our Water Our City – Cantabrians had a second chance to vote for “Godzone” land stability (post-earthquake):

ROC Party candidate Rik Tindall

Republic of Canterbury Party candidate Rik Tindall

and a third in the Jan-Feb 2012 Burwood-Pegasus by-election.
Rik Tindall blogs position updates.

Wigram Campaign links:
Wigram Electorate Profile
Wigram electorate Wikipedia stats etc
Christchurch New Zealand
Christchurch’s Regeneration
NZ In Tranzit “Independent NZ based public transport news monitor”
Mana “movement of the people” ; Alliance “democratic socialist party”
In the end a Republic of Canterbury Party campaign was not run in Wigram / the NZ elections of 2011. Working towards the possibility next time.


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