Negotiating positions, going into coalition governance arrangement 2011:

1. 100% renewable energy for homes, industry, commerce and transport, within ten years – farms producing not just healthy, organic food, but cropping bulk vegetable oil, cellulose and biomass for local energy generation: employment opportunities thus greatly expanded, with mobility right earned directly through participation in community energy schemes. An end to fossil fuel extraction and import/export, ending overseas borrowing and debt.

2. Reforestation for indigenous biodiversity, carbon capture and credits, sustainable building materials and biomass production.

3. Justice independent of wealth and privilege, under an elected head of state and entrenched democratic safeguards.

4. Towards socio-economic equity, Goods and Services Tax is to be abolished. The 1% transaction (‘Robin Hood’) tax of Te Mana Party would supply a suitable balancing of the books, or a higher PAYE tax rate on the highest income bracket only (perhaps on all income over $300,000 p.a.) subject to coalition negotiation. Graduated increase of this latter tax adjustment could be used to relieve pressure on low income households in an ongoing way.

5. Implementation of a Bovine Use of Resource Penalty (BURP) tax will serve multiple purposes: outnumbering human New Zealanders two to one – and therefore by bodyweight ten to one, with adequate sewerage rare – global over-population must find means of firm discouragement; the costs of pressure upon water resources and their development can by this means be squarely sheeted home; the costs of pressure upon the atmosphere – greenhouse gas emissions and damaging climate change effects – by this means be squarely sheeted home; agricultural pollution can be paid for and controlled.

6. Nationalisation of the major New Zealand freshwater users, including all hydro-electric generation, transmission and distribution networks, and the New Zealand dairy industry – down to the level of all irrigating farms carrying over 300 head of dairy cattle. Perpetual protection for small family farms, with diversification support.

7. …

More Republic of Canterbury Party policies, beyond the active Republic of Canterbury Constitution, are under development.

Input is keenly and openly invited.

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