Moral precepts guiding Republic of Canterbury party peace work include:

1. Sanctity of life
Metabolic gene-stream is the way to understand natural history, from which human history is not divorced. ‘Supernatural force’ is pure obfuscating myth. We are not special, except as the pinnacle of evolutionary, organic chemical complexity: the human brain is the single implement capable of understanding the universal system around it, for guiding life onwards and outwards, through raised consciousness. Neither gods nor technology, but life itself is the appropriate centre of worship, making preserving life – in every form possible – the highest of duties.

Revolution by warfare transgresses this rule, provides misleaders with an excuse to sacrifice more life, and thus sets evolution back. Revolution in kind, against state coercive monopoly by force, is also bad strategy: it abandons the very real high moral ground that alone can swing reasoned argument forward as our prime organising impetus; and it cannot succeed against the material forces of destruction that the military-industrial complexes driving global powers are specialists of; and the cost of modern warfare paid by our natural environment and marginalised species, as well as humanity, simply makes it unacceptable.

A revolution of the mind, heart, ‘spirit and soul’ are required – for finding more constructive roles for everyone on Earth, while we still can – which means, above all, honouring and maintaining life itself, including the individual woman’s right to choose their own biological function.

2. Non-violence
Human beings are animals, with unique opportunity to evolve beyond the violence that conditions animal subsistence – to become fully conscious, or “enlightened” in Bhuddist terms. Violence by its nature begets violence and escalates, with destructive potential now defying contemplation, should we not take dynamic action to overcome it. A higher state of being is on offer, built upon traverse of historical ideas, where human awareness shapes the global culture we need for comprehensive and lasting peace. The causes of frustration fueling violent expression need be identified, then mitigated, throughout global society. Barbarism against each other, predicated upon that done to food animals – sentient beings – will cease. The Way must be shown, by growing transition to vegetarian peace.

3. Tolerance

4. Humanism & post-humanism
From polytheism to monotheism, creation myths filled gaps in human knowledge as means for social order: tribes could then unite into nations by progression, while looking high to sky and mountain boundaries. Renaissance recovery of classical humanism brought focus home, so science, medicine, and all-round better knowledge could work good for the individual, winning democratic franchise with growing economic freedom. But the anthropocentric world is thus not sustainable long-term, where animal competitive drive holds reign until resource exhaustion.

Living in harmony with natural context is possible for our species – indeed essential for survival, amidst remnant biodiversity – with conscious environmentalism. This comes from true appraisal of our role in the universe: we are not its centre, it’s conqueror, nor its enemy exploiter. We are becoming a sort of purpose by achieving humility amidst wider cause.

Posthumanist debate is collated in Wikipedia. The ROC Party would advance “biocentrism” – e.g. Cary Wolfe‘s static and reductionist What Is Posthumanism? – to an ethical logic of inevitable consumption, that is producing a more highly organised and integrated life-force complexity, built by carbon valency at core. Identifying this chemical driver resolves questions of carbon politics and pollution, towards their urgent centrality for human limits. “Transhumanism” is an intractable mix of science-fiction fantasy and apocalyptic industrial future that cannot easily be endorsed.

5. Honesty and integrity

6. Political ethics
As rough and materially-slanted as the field of politics is, republican virtue has no choice but to engage with it, to “get one’s hands dirty” making practical change. This the Republic of Canterbury Party does with eyes wide open, with foresight into the phases ahead. In seeking voter support for establishing the Republic of Canterbury, the party programmatically bearing that name is delivering full title to the Republic over to the people of Canterbury. Political pluralism is bound to continue within the Canterbury Republic, as per Canterbury heritage but egregiously stilled by National- led government on 30 April 2010. Thus, the proposed Republic of Canterbury Constitution has a logo / ensign attached – a seismic rift in white divides the red and black background, pending closure – whereas the Republic of Canterbury Party has no abstract symbol. The ROC Party expects to re-enter the pluralist range of electoral offerings in some revised form, or to dissolve entirely, after foundation of the Canterbury Republic restores democracy – this being the ROC Party’s life purpose.

Compare this statement of integrity with, for example, that sold under various ‘green’ brands – where no substantial social or economic change is proposed, for achieving amorphous efficiency goals. Or compare with the National and Labour party positions imposing the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority of April 2011: where National et al’s siding with illegal groundwater pillage arguably caused the “National Disaster” (over a Regional Disaster) – by accelerating greenhouse gas-induced global warming while destabilising fault-lines – then sought more dictatorial power to profit from deadly calamity; whereas Labour opposed the unilateral CERA legislation in theory / debate but supported it in practise – awaiting their turn at the dictatorial helm of state over Canterbury.

By comparison, the ROC Party position is plain and honest: reinstate Canterbury regional democracy now, as the main source of remedies so widely needed, through elected creation of the pluralist Republic of Canterbury.

7. No taxation without representation
The government’s imposition of CERA has no legitimacy, where community reps on its special board will be hand-picked and appointed. After demolition of ECan and theft of its representative salaries, a rate/tax-strike is called for until Canterbury local democracy is authentically restored.

8. Universal human right to water
“The right to clean and abundant water is fundamental to preserving and upholding the sovereignty, self-determination, health, and cultural survival of Indigenous Peoples in North America and the rest of the world. As Indigenous Peoples, we have a sacred relationship to water, but this relationship is being undermined and our rights violated on a consistent basis, which requires immediate action” 27May2011

9. …

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